Moodboards, creations, decors...let yourself be inspired !

Moodboards part.1

> La folie franges / The fringe madness
> Couleurs de rentrée / Back to school colors
> Junior suite : une chambre d'enfant très déco ! / Junior suite: a very decorative children's room!
> Envie d'été / Feel like summer
> Baroque d'aujourdhui ! / Baroque today!
> Plongez dans les grands bleus / Dive into the big blues
> Du jaune Yellow: to bring summer into interior!
> Style ethnique: Ethnic style: distant inspirations, original details, wood and natural materials ... for an exotic interior, turned to elsewhere.
> Graphique chic: Chic graphics: straight lines, structured patterns, beautiful materials ... a decoration in movement and in todays mood!
> Ambiance poudrée: Powdery atmosphere: fresh, classy, bright!

Braids, braids, braids...

Each decoration has its braids !
Various ranges to sublimate curtains, cushions or lampshades.

Braids & tapes collection, more than 17 models.

a decorative touch on your cushions ?

A braid, a piping, a moss fringe, as many combinations and associations as
possible to have a unique and very decorative cushion!

the perfect small embroidered braid

Geometric and discreet,
it elegently emphasizes a curtain or a seat.

Embroidered braid 14 mm - GALLERY collection - 12 colors

Choose real leather for your seats !

Contemporary and stylized, our real leather piping cord
makes sensation on your seats.

Choose among 54 colors

timeless GRECO braid

The greek theme of GRECO embroidered braid, inspired curtains and cushions.
The Art Deco spirit !

2 widths - 80mm and 160mm
10 colors

Chic seats

Nails, double cords or gimps, the exquisite finishes that make the difference.

Gimped braid, elegant decors

With all its finesse,
this braid raises curtain or cushion on a very couture way !

Gimped braid 70 mm - GALLERY and FLEURS DE LIN collections

Inspiring Cushions

Braids, piping cords, key tassels...evreything is possible to create unique cushions !

Why not a metallic braid ?

Original and elegant,
the PALLADIO metallic braid is a great answer for all styles.

65 mm braid - 12 colors

Curtain heads

Braids decorate curtains, playing with sizes and repetitions.
They make the difference and bring a personality to the decor.

And why not add a gimp to highlight everything ?

vibrant Moiré braid

The moire is declined into an extraordinary braid...
and sublimates curtains, cushions or even a lampshade.

Moiré braid - GALLERY collection - 24 colors

Mix & match

When fabrics match perfectly with faux leather...
Contrast and modernity are waiting for you !

Faux leather "smooth" IGGY - 18 colors
Faux leather "seed" IMAN - 20 colors

Curtains details

Different ways to present the bottom of your curtains...