The decorative touch on your cushions

A braid, a piping, a moss fringe, as many combinations and associations as
possible to have a unique and very decorative cushion!

embroidered braid

Geometric and discreet,
it elegently emphasizes a curtain or a seat.

Embroidered braid 14 mm - GALLERY collection - 12 colors

A touch of leather

Contemporary and stylized, ou leather piping cord
makes sensation on our seats.

In a rage of 54 colors

GRECO braid

The greek theme of GRECO embroidered braid, inspired curtains and cushions.
The Art Deco spirit !

2 widths - 80mm and 160mm
10 colors


Nails and double cord,
the seat finishes are placed in the foreground !


Each decoration has its braids !
Various ranges to sublimate curtains, cushions or lampshades.

Braids & tapes collection, more than 17 models.

Gimped braid

With all its finesse,
this braid raises curtain or cushion on a very couture way !

Gimped braid 70 mm - GALLERY and FLEURS DE LIN collections


Braids, Galons, piping cord, key tassel...
cushions are very customizable !

Metallic braid

Original and elegant,
the PALLADIO metallic braidinvites everywhere !

65 mm braid - 12 colors

Curtain heads

Braids decorate curtains, playing with sizes and repetitions.
They make the difference and bring a personality to the decor.

And why not add a gimp to highlight everything ?

Moiré braid

The moire is declined into an extraordinary braid...
and made sublimate curtain, cushion or even lampshade.

Moiré braid - GALLERY collection - 24 colors

Mix & match

When fabrics match perfectly with faux leather...
Contrast and modernity are waiting for you !

Faux leather "smooth" IGGY - 18 colors
Faux leather "seed" IMAN - 20 colors