Private Apartment - PARIS

Magnificent restoration of a spacious private apartment located in the heart of Paris, by the OLIVIER BERNI INTERIEURS decoration agency.

Various of our trimmings collections have been selected with care, to magnify each decor of this place. MARLY piping cords, VENDÔME or GALLIERA tiebacks, SCARLETT beaded fringes, braids, underline with refinement the decoration thought in every detail.

The interior design agency Olivier Berni Intérieurs works to share a certain stylistic vision, made of sophistication and elegance.
It is distinguished by the inspiration and the breath that animate each of her achievements.

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Oliver BERNI Interireurs

Around the pool with Palma & Costa

LE COMPTOIR DU TAPISSIER invites you for a relax, cozy and chic time in the summer!
Plain cushions become “trendy”, adorned with PALMA striped braid. Side by side or superposed, their graphic spirit decorates and embellishes. They call for an elegant and comfortable rest, by the pool or on a deckchair.
The COSTA linkage, perfectly adapted to outdoor conditions, was easily fixed thanks to its click in click out system without screws! “Decorative” clip-on rings and large “seashell” motif braid give personality to the fluid and light curtains that create an intimate and welcome rest area.
A perfect presentation of the whole offer from the Palma and Costa collections, to give character and personality to exterior and interior decors.

Le comptoir du tapissier
Rue des Loges
85200 Fontenay le Comte
[email protected]

Private apartment - NEW YORK

Beautiful achievements made in this prestigious private apartment in New York City.
A great job of applying the 12mm cord and the rosette of the PALAIS ROYAL collection, for a sumptuously padded upholstered wall.
The ANTICA tiebacks have also been selected to embellish the velvet fabric curtains of the rooms.
In the children's bedrooms, the four-poster beds have been embellished with the delicate fringes of the AURORE collection.

Hilary Unger, decorator :
“Since my projects are very individualized, my clients are not afraid to ask me to design for their wildest dreams. This 5,500 sq. ft. family condo in New York City is located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The owners wanted a dramatic and sophisticated interior while at the same time keeping their home livable and comfortable. The Master Bedroom was designed specifically with musical theatres in mind. The Murano glass chandelier and sconces, deep red velvet drapery, wall upholstery and sumptuous trims all set the stage for this luxurious and timeless look. For the kid’s room, I imagined fairytales and enchanted forests from European Folklore and brought it to life by enveloping the bed in whimsical fabrics and dreamy tassels.”

Perianth Design – Hilary Unger - Perianth.com
Picture credits-Matt Vacca


Located in Kiev and built in 1744, lots of receptions for foreign heads of state are made in Maryinsky Palace, the official residence of Ukrainian President.

Splendidly restored, the MARLY, SCARLETT, VENDÔME and LES MARQUISES trimmings collections were selected to adorn the sumptuous curtains of the different palace rooms.

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Maison Renoir - FRANCE

Houlès had the chance to participate in the restoration of the family home of painter Renoir, located in Champagne, in the hometown of his wife Aline. The town hall of Essoyes acquired this house in which Renoir came in summer vacation surrounded by his family to paint. Our trimmings stand out in the delicate decor of the different rooms of this house of character:

Living-room & artist’s studio : PALLADIO beaded fringe, rosette and bullion fringe ; VILLANDRY bullion fringe
Aline’s bedroom (Pink curtains) : PALAIS-ROYAL beaded fringe and double tieback ; VENDOME rosette
Auguste’s bedroom (Gold curtains) : BEAUGENCY beaded fringe and double tieback
Children’s bedroom (Blue curtains) : DUCHESSE braid and double tieback

Visit : renoir-essoyes.fr

Cockerill Castle - Seraing

Le bureau de style L Decoration Internationale, a signé la restauration des plus belles salles de ce lieu classé.
Laurence Glorieux et Louis-Marie Hubert, historiennes de l’art de formation, ont redonné tout son faste à cette demeure et ont choisi nos passementeries Marly pour en parfaire la décoration.

The L Decoration International style agency, has signed the restoration of the most beautiful rooms of this classified place.
Laurence Glorieux and Louis-Marie Hubert, art of training historians, have restored all its splendor to this dwelling place and have chosen our Marly trimmings to complete the decoration.

Bureau de style L Decoration

Picture @Jean-Pierre Gabriel

Le relais Christine - Paris

"The perfect French style"

Since 1979, the discreet Relais Christine hotel is one of the best kept secrets of Saint-Germain-des-Prés ...
The friendly atmosphere of a family home combined with the refinement and attentive service of the largest luxury hotels prevail in this unique haven.

Its 48 comfortable and welcoming rooms and suites, the calm prevailing in its lounges, the heat of a vaulted spa, its private flower garden and its personalized service, make it a soothing and friendly place in which to stay with the guarantee of a service worthy of the best addresses in Paris.

Our tiebacks such asLES MARQUISES,silky and refined,PLAZA, sober and contemporary, orPALAIS ROYAL, classic and structured, dress the curtains of this charming and discreet luxury hotel, that has managed to preserve the elegance of the private residence he once was.

Also, the VILLANDRY, MARLY, and VALMONT tiebacks, underline this magnificent setting in elegance.
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Le Relais Christine
Picture credits-lerelaischristine-2018.

Château de DRUDAS

The Château de Drudas, built in the 18th century and listed as a historic monument, has been given a new lease of life. This intimate new setting outside of time invites you to enjoy an authentic experience.
The property is located in the charming village of Drudas at the heart of the Occitanie region between Toulouse and Montauban.

The tiebacks:PALLADIO collection stylized art deco, as well as tiebacksBEAUGENCY, feminine and refined, were selected to dress the curtains of the magnificent castle entirely renovated in keeping with the period style.

PH2B - architecture d'intérieur
Photos :
Aurelie Fernando



Built in 1841 by Théophile Legrand in the middle of a splendid park, the "Château de la Marlière" combines romanticism and timeless travel ...
Our GARIS fabric has been chosen to create the elegant rooms and reception rooms curtains, underlined by NEOX tiebacks.

"The perfect place to get a unique experience"


ARCADA - Kiev, Ukraine

In this beautiful private apartment located in Kiev, curtains are accessorized with our breded fringes and precious MARLY tiebacks.

© Bastricheva Elena
Design by Bastricheva Elena

La Grande Maison de Bernard Magrez - Bordeaux


Ambassadors of Excellence, Bernard Magrez and Joël Robuchon offer you an exclusive and utterly thrilling experience at “La Grande Maison”: the setting for their respective passions whose watchword, apart from high standards and respect for the product and the terroir, is none other than ART.

The guest rooms and the “salons”, combine charm, elegance and sophistication and showcase Houlès trimmings : tassels or braid tiebacks, beaded fringe with satinated pearls…precious ornaments from our Valmont collection.

A project created by Frédérique Fournier, Interior Designer in Bordeaux.



See « Valmont » collection 

© Alain Benoît




The Rochecotte castle, a four-star hotel, is a jewel of the "Val de Loire" heritage. The Pasquier family, since 1984, take care of it with passion.

Our fabrics GARIS & GARANCE have been selected for the bedspreads and magnificent double-curtains. The SCARLETT and BEAUGENCY double tiebacks underlined them perfectly. The window decoration is concretized by the MELIA hardware choice and its contemporary glass and metal finials, or the prestigious PALACE LAITON collection.




In Brussels, the Egmont Palace welcomes the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Several years of restoration have allowed this building built in 1532, to find again a stylish and harmonious interior decoration where took place several items from our trimmings and hardware collections.

In the Arenberg passage, beige and gold tones BEAUGENCY tiebacks embellish the floral pattern of the curtains that perfectly completes the silky moss fringe of LES MARQUISES. The MEDICIS hardware collection sublimates the windows in a brass color chosen in 50mm diameter.

Further, the heavy blue drapes in the dining room are facing huge antique tapestries. They are adorned with the MARLY trimmings and their unique style and luxurious details: tiebacks , beaded cut fringe or a gimped braid highlighted by a large gold braid subtly placed below. Here on console brackets, MEDICIS poles and finials overlook and dominate this beautiful room.

Finally, we enter into the very bright Hall of Mirrors room, above the Minister's office. ANTICA gimped braid delicately decorates valances of the large windows. ANTICA double tiebacks and PALAIS-ROYAL piping cord dress perfectly ivory curtains and punctuate this smooth and elegant setting.




Completed in 1907, LE REGINA BIARRITZ building is one of the town’s architectural jewels. This prestigious setting captivated the crowned heads and aristocracy of France and Europe, influential business leaders, renowned golfers, artists and the greatest designers of the time. 
Today, le REGINA BIARRITZ Hôtel & Spa has drawn inspiration from this legacy when developing its very contemporary universe. This iconic building known as “the Petit Palace”, is once again hitting the headlines after its major 2014 renovation works and renaissance of luxurious simplicity. Houlès is proud to have been associated to this renovation.
The decoration of the 65 rooms and suites was made within the framework of the renovation of the REGINA BIARRITZ Hôtel & Spa belonging to NAOS Group. Each room has a very special atmosphere whose every detail is inspired by the hotel’s history and is an open invitation to comfort and relaxation. Contemporary, stylized and adorned with glass pearls, tiebacks and fringes developed by Houlès (inspired from DIVA collection) come to underline the « couture » spirit of these sophisticated decors.
Crédit photos © Agence Photomobile / 2014  - Shooting photos SE CONCEPT & PARTNERS



At the theater, the first step of the experience is the stage curtain, mysterious and spectacular. The Bolshoï stage curtain is in GOLD ! 
In October 2011, after 6 years of restoration, the spectators of the 236th season discovered the “gold stage curtain” of one of the most fabulous theaters in the world.
The original curtain sewn with golden threads, decorated the stage in 1955. In the 90’s, it was replaced by a new one, going on with a new period. But, it didn’t last a long time. The 2006 researches, showed several fabric defaults : the twisted fringe and the tiebacks were very damaged and needed to be restored.
In the mark of the restoration project, it was decided to create again the trimmings of the “gold curtain”. It became an important challenge for the professionals: create a new design, based on historical documents and made with modern materials respecting the new safety standards. Houlès, worldwide trimmings creator leader, took in charge the trimmings project, that is to say creation and fabrication. An intensive work and artistic approach allowed to elaborate prototypes, agreed by the State Restoration Commission. 
Like jewels who are the elegant and final touch of a dress code…trimmings are the sophisticated and delicious finish of any decor…The current gold curtain “jewel” is made of a  24 meters long twisted fringe, constituted by 6 000 stalks (each one is 2 cm diameter) and of more 50 tiebacks. Every tieback, assembled by hand, is 52 cm long, weigh about 3 kg and ends by a metallic ring planned to be fixed to the "rifles", special catchers sewn at the bottom of the curtain and allowing to support this weight. All the trimming is made in not fire threads. The range of the colors of the threads, as well as the golden wire, agree carefully with the range of the fabric of the curtain. 
The professionalism and the experience of the Houlès, as well as its department of design and artistic creation, allow to the company to participate to any such project all over the world. The trimmings made by Houlès also decorate the main curtain and the “loges” of the Saint-Petersbourg Opera and Ballet Michailovski theater.




“Much more than a hotel, an exclusive destination…” 

Neo-Asian design combined with the French “Art de Vivre”, the unrivaled and captivating atmosphere of the BUDDHA-BAR HOTEL PARIS enchants all connoisseurs. Houlès is proud having taken part to the decors of this exclusive place, trough the long trimmings key tassels specially made to give a final graphic touch to the spectacular red glass lanterns of the lobby and to the other lanterns of the cozy atmosphere of the Haute Couture Lounge Bar, Le QU4TRE.  

Le Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris, 4 rue d’Anjou, 75008 Paris

Le Qu4tre, Lounge Ba




In the prestigious 8th district of Paris, the Claridge Hotel magnificent 4 star hotel, is an exclusive place of comfort and refinement.

This Parisian hotel, has just selected in some of its 42 sumptuous rooms and suites, the  DRYADE fabric in ivory color for curtains. It is also on bedspread and cushions. The damask with its metallic patina, when combined with a silk, brings light into the room.

Trimmings and tiebacks are from the AURORE collection, in an ivory bicolor tone, to decorate the elegant curtains.

These Houlès collections choices , fit perfectly with the image of elegance and refinement of the recently refurbished hotel.




The Elysée Palace, official residence of the French Republic Presidents, is one of the architectural masterpieces of the national heritage treasure. 
In the heart of this historical house, takes place the luxurious “Salle des Fêtes” (reception hall). All the official receptions made inside can also enjoy its exclusive décor : majestic lamps, deep reds and different kinds of gold, Gobelins tapestries of the XVIIIth century or paintings of the XIXth century decorating the ceiling.
During the last decades, different changes were made to allow to this hall to keep its prestigious style. At the end of 2008, in the mark of a new decoration project, HOULÈS started to discuss with the Mobilier National. This institution is in charge of the furnishing, restoration and valuation of all the national palaces (www.mobiliernational.culture.gouv.fr).
Throughout this new partnership, Houlès as trimmings specialist, brought all its expertise and know-how in the development of special and prestigious projects. Several proposals were made to the Mobilier National, to be able to reach at the end, the perfect combination of style, size and colors, matching exactly with idea of the project.
Today, thanks to the new braids and beaded cut fringe (from Villandry and Marly Houlès collections), the 23 “panneaux” (panels) located at the top of the curtains, found again all their brightness : applied like embroideries, the braids compose the characteristic design made of volutes and curves. And the beaded cut fringe gives the elegant final touch to the decor.

Photos : X.Renauld